How to Install Norton Antivirus Using Windows Vista

Many persons may not know that it is possible to set up Norton Antivirus security software through the use of Microsoft Windows Vista. If you have recently installed an item of antivirus on your computer and located that it did not work as well as it once did, it would be because of a incompatibility between the fresh program plus your current os. The way to solve this problem should be to first re-order the original malware onto your pc using Windows Vista. If that will not work, my response you will then need to install the Double-Click Removal Tool. This kind of software tool can be downloaded from the Internet in the link listed below.

Once you have downloaded the Double-Click Removal Application, open this program, allow it to tell you your computer and then select “Yes” to start the installation process. You should at this moment see the mount Norton Anti-virus icon correct next on your Start Menu or Home windows shortcut. If you have not yet installed the program, you will need to simply click that icon and the actual directions within the screen to complete the method. When you click the install button, you will be asked whether you want to enable the Vehicle Update feature. If you do, it is going to update your antivirus security software database together with the most current definitions coming from all the different antivirus security software vendors.

After you have successfully set up the Norton Antivirus electricity through House windows Vista, after that you can proceed to permitting the device protection product. To take some action, you will need to click the “scan” switch. The scanning process can locate any infections and identify these people for you. After that, if you would like to take out any attacks from your pc, you will need to select inches quarantine” or delete the infected data files. Finally, you need to click on the “finish” button to complete the installation procedure. You must see an icon that states “Norton Antivirus Setup” on your desktop or taskbar.

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